Everyone can and will suffer in some way!

Did you know that one in six Australians is currently experiencing depression and/or anxiety!

Females are more susceptible to anxiety and depression, with one in 14 females currently experiencing depression compared to one in 19 men, and one in six females currently experiencing anxiety compared to one in nine men.

One in seven kids (aged 4 to 17) experience a mental health condition in any given year.

Anxiety being the most common followed closely by depression.

That’s not to say that it’s different for any sex or that men don’t struggle just as much because that would be a lie.

Anyone can get a mental illness, they do not discriminate in any way.

This shit is scary and this shit is real, but we can learn to accept it.

In general with such conditions we suffer a lot but support people can suffer too, it takes a toll on everyone. So while you may not have ever suffered yourself chances are extremely high that you know someone who does or even have to help someone who does, and good on you for doing so because it’s a hard fucking job but these people need that help, reassurance, assistance and love. They need you!

Having a mental illness does not make you weak, in fact if anything you are stronger because of what you deal with.

Until next time āœŒšŸ¼

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