Who am I!?

I am me, I try be the best I can be at any given time but I can be a bitch. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I sometimes walk around with a resting bitch face, I don’t know why it just happens. I’m sensitive yet aggressive, kinda dumb but crazy smart. I can be happy and have a laugh and I enjoy being an absolute dick head, my humour can be dark, weird, sexual and punny haha. Im morbid as fuck but I fear death, go figure.

I can be super nice and sometimes too nice, I’m honest, trustworthy and always up for helping others.

I’m straight up though, like too straight up for some people to handle but it’s who I am. People want the truth but they can’t handle it, I’m that person that gives it anyway! And I have no problem receiving the truth.

If I meet someone new they’d have no idea how fucked up I really am lol until starting this blog I think a lot of people had no idea. Do I care though? Absolutely fucking not, I mostly don’t give a shit what people think.

You know that saying “I have a short fuse”?

Well I don’t even have a fuse. My fuse blew, caught fire and melted!

I have no doubt that being close to me can have its challenges. The 4 people who would know that the most are;

My mum Karen, bless her for answering every panicked text and phone call I make.

My husband Kyle who has put up with me for almost 9 years now, he is an absolute legend! I’m amazing but can guarantee no one else would put up with me for that long haha.

My big sister Amanda who has come to many medical appointments and told me I wasn’t as crazy as I thought I was.

One of my best friends Rachelle, most of our conversations or time spent together are talking absolute fucking shit and having laughs but there are defo times we are each equally difficult 😜

Below I’ve got some questions I have asked Rachelle about what it’s like having me in her life. Be prepped though 😂

How would you describe me?

Rach: Bat shit crazy with a hint of sugar to make ya sweet 😂

Naah in all seriousness. We have known each other for over 6 years now. I’ve seen you in some of your worst times and I can assure you, you are one of the strongest people I know. You will always tell people what you think, one of your best and worst traits haha. You have a heart of gold and will do anything for people. You have this way of always making me laugh. You stand up for what you believe in, this is by far your best trait. Even though you have anxiety, you do not let it define you.

How does my anxiety affect you?

Rach: It doesn’t affect me negatively, I am a worrier and it worries me and I just think that I’ve gotta do whatever in my power to help you.

It’s opened up my eyes a lot, I think I tend to be more opened minded to other people suffering because me and you suffer from mental health so differently.

I threw the next ones in for good measure 😉 hahaha

On these scales how would you rate me

1 – fucking awesome

1 – completely lost it

1 – coolest cunt ever

1 – I need Jesus 🤣


Awesome= 10/10

Lost = 6.5/10

Coolest cunt = 20/10


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