Food, drugs, drinks and the likes.

Drugs are fun right? Wrong!

I used to think so but they really aren’t good for your mental health at all. I’ve actually witnessed people get ‘lost’ and that shit is scary, you don’t come back from that, not 100%. Yeah you know who you are 😂

Wouldn’t it be great though to just smash some lines or munch some disco biscuits, get all fuck eyed for a night and be depression or anxiety free forever? Hahaha not gonna happen.

I am how ever all for marijuana for certain people as not everyone can handle it (like myself), CBD oils are a good one as well. I don’t condone drug use though 🤪🤭

Alcohol. Maaaaan! Alcohol is a bad one, I can’t understand how something like alcohol can be so legal yet weed is not! Alcohol is a depressant in itself, when will people understand that. It may make you forget about your worries but it’s really not doing you any good AT ALL!

Caffeine or any other stimulating drinks (energy drinks etc).

You may think they help you get through your day but do you ever notice how shit you feel of an evening? That’s from being caffeine high then being dropped on your head once it wears off 🥴 I’m not saying don’t drink it cause the stuff tastes great, maybe try decrease the amount you drink though.

Sugar 😭 this is the one that pains me the most because I have a massive sweet tooth. It’s basically the same deal as the caffeine, it gives you a big sugar high but once you start to crash, you crash hard!

You can switch all this up though. I mean, stick to prescribed drugs(not black market 😂) or even just party every now and then not all the time (it doesn’t make you any cooler lol), don’t drink alcohol often, try sugarless options (you get used to the taste) or limit your intake, drink decaf and/or limit your intake with those as well. It’s hard but you get used to it.

Be wary though if you stop anything you are going to have some withdrawals and they aren’t always fun. Generally headaches and irritability, plus cravings.

Of course this is all just knowledge and all that jazz, you do you but there’s no use crying poor me when you feel like shit after a mean ass bender because you done gone and fucked up hahaha. Just sayin’ lol

Now! Let’s get fucked up.

Joking sorry, I’m proper old now days lol

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