Accessing help for mental health.

Fact: high income earners are less likely to suffer from mental health than those of lower incomes.

The funny thing about that is that unless you earn a shit load and can afford to pay $200+ a week/fortnight to see a psych than you are less likely to get the proper help you need.

The cost is one thing I aim to make a change to once I’ve studied enough to become an independent councillor/psych. Keep the cost low, keep it affordable but at the same time just as helpful. It’s not like work will ever run out so why do they have to be so fucking greedy. The idea of the role is to help people when they need it the most.

It’s easy to be put into the system but even easier to be forgotten about. Most people who need help from a psychologist or psychiatrist need it ASAP, not in months or even weeks time. When shit is going down hill right now, it’s right fucking now!

Even when you do get in through the system your options are limited, pretty much meaning whoever your assigned to is who you have to deal with, that’s not fare or easy.

I saw a bloke once (so-called psych) who told me he couldn’t help me because I’d already learnt all that could be taught… Uhm what cunt! That’s not how this shit works! On the other hand though I’ve had others that I gel with really well.

When someone says “mental health” what do you think? Probably anxiety and depression right?


Mental health is so much more, the more hectic it gets the harder it is to deal with for that person and the ones around them, there is help but getting it is a mission.

It’s funny that they say the mental health system is bettering itself from previous years, that may be so but it is still lacking in so many ways. What do we need to do to change this, who do we speak to and how do we get them to understand that shit needs to fucking change. For real.

Oh and then there is the big thing about “this person is an adult and can’t be admitted or contained unless they approve” fuck right off with that shit, in some cases it is incredibly clear that this person needs help but because they say no it’s acceptable to let them back out into society when in actual fact it could be very detrimental.

Talk to the people who know them best, the people who deal with their shit on the daily and are always there first and fore most, it sounds bad but you can’t always take a persons word for how they are coping.

On high scale mental illnesses it can be too much for one/two people to constantly handle on their own without the correct tools, the knowledge that medication is 100% taken, the safety of themselves, even others around them and even the security that their loved one is getting the help needed.

If someone you love isn’t getting the correct help it’s like constantly waiting on a knock at the door for police to tell you someone has died, either your loved on or at the hands of your loved one. This shit is fucking real and this shit needs to fucking change.

Do the astoundingly high suicide rates not prove that our mental health system is lacking!!

When will this shit change and when will it become better, who fucking knows but as a whole we can make a change, for the better!

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