Anger, rage and frustration. You feel me?

Welll if it ain’t the devil himself. No I’m joking

But anger and frustration are a big part of dealing with mental illness.

Feelings can be pushed lower and all that surfaces is the anger, the stronger emotion. The anger that you can’t deal with this, the frustration that you aren’t getting the correct help, the rage that this doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

I know this and I live this. I have many moods but one that stands out the most is frustration, it’s this overwhelming feeling of 1000 things running through your head at any given time and still trying to get through daily with everything else going on around you as well.

It’s the jump to anger before really looking at the situation and taking it on calmly.

My first reaction to a lot of things is straight up frustration and anger before calming down and seeing the bigger picture.

For instance, a friend comes to me and her man has been cheating. Straight up I’m like “go find the bitch punch her in the nose, go home chuck old mates shit out the front and when he comes to collect it you probably punch him in the throat while your at it”.

Give it a couple of hours for me to sit on and I’m all like “ehh don’t worry about them, they’re loss. His a fuck head, she’s a hoe. Be merry and move on” 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m all over the place sometimes but I mean well haha.

I was told in high school that I needed anger management. Didn’t listen.

Now I tell the doctors I need anger management and I still haven’t received it lol

It wasn’t until I saw a psychiatrist though who said my anger and frustration was actually part of my anxiety that it really made sense, I’m not this crazy psycho I’m just a bit loose and that’s ok. Sweet but a psycho if you will 😂

No really, I’m good. I try to keep my shit contained, I’m quite often frustrated (on the daily) but let me chill and I’m very level headed about any situation.

Anger and frustration are often hiding the hurt or dismay underneath, it’s not something to be ashamed about but should possibly be addressed more rather than looking down at those that express themselves this way.

The people who matter in my life can handle my bullshit all the good and bad. Sometimes I wonder how though lol my husband and I have been together almost 9 years and I mean this guy needs to be fucking praised, gold medals and shit, he is a legend. I can be a total pain in the arse sometimes and there is not a single day that goes by where I’m not told how much I am loved.. like that right there is fucking love!

Find yourself someone who can deal with the crazy and still love you 😁

It’s ok though, as long as you know that your frustration isn’t 100% normal then you are on your way to being able to deal with it or seek the help needed from professionals.

Until next time, stay chill 👌🏼

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