Dreams and nightmares

Everyone dreams it’s just most of the time you don’t remember them.

You have roughly 4-6 dreams per night, generally during REM sleep.

Some antidepressants can actually enhance dreaming or more so your memory of the dreams and some can suppress your dreaming or the memory of them.

Antidepressant can also potentially be the cause of nightmares which occur during REM sleep as well.

As confronting as they may be I guess the thing to remember is, they are just night mares. A figure of your imagination in one way or another.

*touch wood* but I haven’t had nightmares in probably almost 20 years, I used to have them a lot growing up and for a child that shit is scary.

I remember a lot of my dreams, though I think I always have but the last few years since being medicated more so.

I have whack dreams, like real weird out there kinda shit. I find them super fascinating but I don’t always openly talk about them as people look at you like your on crack lol.

I can’t really explain many but it’s always just spinny shit!

Often in my dreams are people I know, sometimes people I don’t know but I can see their faces clearly or hear them talk. A lot of my dreams are very lucid so it’s like I’m really there. I guess that’s what makes it so interesting.

The thing to remember though is that your not going crazy, they’re just dreams and there’s not too much to it.

It depends how into them you are but you can actually look into “Dream dictionaries” and such online, it’s like a break down of the meaning of your dreams. I don’t search often unless something prominent stands out of a Dream I’ve had.

It’s generally relating to you as a person, your dealings in the waking world and feelings. They mostly have nothing to do with what has actually happened in the Dream.

People remember nightmares more because you are woken more often during the night, giving more opportunity to remember.

Nightmares are often caused by changes within the brain while you sleep which can be caused by eating before bed, medications including antidepressants and blood pressure medication. Also the withdrawal from prescribed and elicit drugs as well as alcohol withdrawal can cause nightmares too.

If you notice a large change in how often you have nightmares maybe just mention it to your doctor as there may be a cause but other than that they can’t harm you themselves and there is nothing to worry about within the waking world.

Happy sleeping 😴

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