Memory 🤯

Bare with me as I try to express my thoughts here.

Now memory or lack of I guess we could say is a symptom of mental illness (I mean to some extent), that’s not to say memory loss is purely caused by mental illness, hopefully you’ll realise how much memory loss is considered ‘normal’ if not you can always seek assistance with this from your GP.

I have a really good memory, a lot of it is random facts. No I’m joking, I remember a lot of things though, conversations I have or have had with people spanning over like 15years, memories from events or just general shit. Ask me to remember 15 minutes ago though and we may have an issue.

I’m one of those dumb yet crazy smart people.

I mean I literally say some questionable shit sometimes lol yet I’m incredibly switched on for things I’m interested in I guess.

I’m observational over anything else, more information is retained from seeing than it is from anything else like theory 🙄😴

Depression and anxiety have an effect on your short term memory.

There’s no real reason as to why besides the fact that your brain is in overdrive with certain thoughts and feelings while lacking in others, the possibility that it is not retaining irrelevant information as a coping mechanism is high.

There’s some things that may help with your memory if you are worried about the things your forgetting are, writing things down, taking notes often, getting the correct help if you haven’t already and mindfulness (which I’ll touch more on in a later blog).

Just because you forget things doesn’t mean you are hopeless or losing your shit, it is a normal part of the illness you deal with daily.

I’ve always said, “if I’ve forgotten something it mustn’t be too important”.

Or I try the good ole “retrace your steps” and look like a wanker while I wander around the house deep in thought 😂

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