Panic and attacks 😖

Panic attacks are hideous.

Panic attacks are this big black hole you fall into and feel like you’ll never escape.

Now panic attacks are different from anxiety attacks, anxiety attacks at extremely heightened anxiety with the potential to tip the edge to a panic attack. Panic attacks happen quickly and peak within 10mins then fade off and leave you with extreme anxiety which can last days.

A panic attack is this overwhelming fear, a fear that what ever is going on will kill you or that you’ll die from the symptoms your experiencing. It’s this strong feeling of being stuck, exactly where you are but your mind moving deeper into the darkness.

When a panic attack happens for me I get dizzy and feel like I’m going to pass out, I’ve got a strong urge to lay flat on my back and to be honest if it happened in public I’d probably just lay down cause that’s what helps me feel safer. I’d look like a fucking looney but I don’t think I’d care. I get an overwhelming feeling of “this is it, this is how I’m gonna die or have a heart attack or something”, it’s not really knowing what will happen next.

I don’t know what I do and don’t want during a panic attack, they leave you a shell of who you really are. Mostly it’s a mix of don’t talk to me but let me know your there if I need you, I generally don’t like being touched as it feels suffocating (even though it’s just a hand or whatever). Senses are heightened, everything is so loud and bright. It’s a mix of everything sooo fucking intense.

It’s being left completely mentally and physically exhausted afterwards, sometimes for days at a time and then wondering what the fuck happened or where it all began.

Panic attacks are fucking exhausting, even the thought is tiring.

A mental illness is not something I would wish upon anyone!!

It can get better though, it’s easy (trust me) to get stuck in the thought that this is it, this is you forever and you’ll never get out, but you can!!

The trick is to truely know that you will NOT die, it may feel like it but a panic attack can not hurt you and you will be ok and it’s easy enough to know but you have to truely believe that.

I’ve read a book a couple of times that has actually helped me so much.

“Power over panic” by Browyn Fox.

This lady is a legend, it removes the bullshit and leaves you with the complete truth and understanding of what is happening when going through panic. Highly recommend 👌🏼

At the end of the day, it is what it is. We are our own worst enemies, no one can hurt you any more than you hurt yourself. Be better than that, be better for yourself ❤️

I send love and strength to everyone especially those dealing with this shite ✌🏼

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