Who is real?

Shit! What a hectic question…

I can count my real friends on one hand. The fake ones or acquaintances as I like to call them, well there’s heaps 🤷🏼‍♀️

Do you ever realise how nice people are to your face though, especially when you know it’s probably not the same when your not around.

Or the amount of people who are only super interested in everything you do or are because they want information, sex, gossip, etc. Trust me, that shit is very real!

You know though, you don’t have to be so blinded by all the nice comments and friendly acts, not to people who ‘act’ interested, not to people who just want something sexual and sure as shit not to those who only hang around for gossip.

This is where being yourself becomes handy, not taking other people’s shit and knowing when you’ve said enough.

People only see what I choose to show them. Some a fare bit, most very little and those who I’m close to a lot. Choose wisely!

I’m not cold hearted I just don’t give a fuck enough to be hurt in many situations, I’m realistic. If you don’t expect, you won’t be disappointed 💁🏼

Can you imagine saying something to someone and having it used against you at some stage. I don’t have time for that shit, I left school 10 years ago!

The thing is though, people thrive off the bs. They’re all keen until/when it suits them. It’s like a game.

Personally I enjoy figuring people out lol it’s like a sport.

You know this shit is gonna happen but the idea is to win, you knew it was coming so you were prepped for it, there for, you weren’t shocked when it happened, you weren’t hurt and best of all you really have the upper hand 💁🏼 I give out only what I choose, you’d be sorely mistaken to think you had any impact on my choices.

Enjoy the fact that people come in and out of your life, it’s what makes it interesting and teaches you lessons for future interactions 😉

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