Who gets a mental illness?

You get one, you can have one, and you can get one too! Lol

Some people think some weird shit about mental illnesses and that’s purely because of a lack of knowledge.

Let’s just be clear you can’t “catch” a mental illness lol.

Anyone can suffer either for a short time or a long time.

Personally though I don’t like to use the term ‘cured’ for any mental illness, I don’t think you can ever really get over something like this. You can deal with it better and not suffer as much but it will always be there in some way.

There are many factors to ‘getting’ a mental illness. I’ll stick to basics so I don’t bore you too much.

Life events can be a risk factor, stressful situations, work stress, deaths, abuse etc.

Personal factors as in your personality, family history (that’s a big one), drug and alcohol use and dealing with medical illnesses.

Changes in the brain, chemically can also be a factor.

Genetics (family history) can be a big one, your risk factor increases if just one of your parents suffer a mental illness, and then more so if both parents suffer.

Unfortunately for me my family history is high for mental illness, even more unfortunate for both of my kids is that both of their parents suffer and it’s throughout both sides of the family. It’s worrisome for me as a parent that one day my children may have to deal with what I’ve gone through but I hope having gone through it myself and being highly educated in the matter I’ll be better able to help them if/when it does happen.

Just because you may have risk factors within your life for mental illness does not mean that you will suffer, also not having said factors also unfortunately doesn’t save you from ever suffering either.

It’s super easy to believe that you are too strong a person mentally to even suffer with such an illness but Im telling you now, that is absolute bullshit. I 100% had that perspective, that because I knew so much about it and mentally I was quite strong that no way in hell was I suffering from a mental illness, boy was I wrong!

You can deal with it though, it’s hard to picture/see sometimes that things can get better or that you won’t be like this forever but it can and you can! You won’t ever be the same person again, you’ll be a better version of yourself because of what you have gone through.

Having a mental illness doesn’t make you weak, in fact you are so much stronger for going through what you have today, tomorrow and any other day.

The average person couldn’t handle half the shit I deal with and I wouldn’t wish they had to either but before judging someone or involving themselves in stigma they should be more understanding of how hectic it really is 💁🏼 because one day there’s a high chance it may be them.

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