Psych appointments/ therapy/whatever

I don’t like to call them therapy sessions, seems like a stereotypical thing so I just say psych appointments 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’ve had good and I’ve had not so good.

I wish it was like what it’s shown on tv, ya know where they walk in and lay on the couch and talk about whatever they’re dealing with then the psych will help them through it and it seems easy.

For starters THERE IS NO DAMN DAY BED!! Shocking right!? I’d love to just lay back and talk shit lol it’s almost like it would make sense because night time when your laying in bed is when shit gets all crazy.

It’s not just a matter of talking away and dealing with it then and there. Honestly no session has ever been that simple.

It’s not how I thought it would be at all, it’s this long as drawn out process that after 5 sessions still feels like you’ve gotten hardly any where.

Iv had a psych that helped heaps, she was the one who had been through similar and understood it on a personal level not just a medical level, that helps it really does.

Recently I’ve started to see another psych and it’s boring as shit really. You spend 50mins in an office while they ask some basic ass questions about your life without really delving into what your dealing with.

Not to mention how ‘proper’ of an environment it seems like it has to be.

I like to banter, humour needs to be added in most conversations I have. Although sometimes dark humour but that’s why I have the right people around who can handle that.

Psychs though, I can’t just be like “oh man been having a shit week, kids are hectic almost like you could kick them in the head” that’s legit my humour but a psych would probably ring child protective services hahaha that’s not fun.

My psych asked me what I’m scared of, I told her death but I only fixate on myself dying, anyone or anything else and it actually interests me. She looks at me like “this bitch crazy” I say “yeah so I’m interested in anything death just not for myself” 😂 have fun working with that one

I’m not saying that seeing a psych doesn’t help, it does, it’s just not in the way one would think, it’s a super lengthy process that’s seems to be so drawn out. Unless of course you have $250+ to fork out for weekly appointments for a long while with high end psychologists or psychiatrists.

Not many people have that kind of money and that’s where our mental health system fails.

It’s proven that those in lower income brackets have more issues with mental health issues so why is it still such a costly and hard process to get proper help.

Go figure.

Do what you gotta do though.

I just want to lay down on a couch, talk it out and get my shit sorted hahaha

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