No RaGReTs hahaha

Do you know how many people or how many times I have heard people say “I regret” that decision, event, ex partner, job, anything?!

All the damn time!

Why though?!

Why regret something that made you who you are today?

I’ve got not doubt I’ve made some proper shitty decisions in life, people I’ve been with, situations I put myself in, decisions I made growing up, lots of things but do I regret anything in life, anything at all? Absolutely not.

How and why?!

Because I am who I am today because of all of the decisions I’ve ever made.

I still make questionable decisions but that shit makes me, me.

Imagine not being a wreck less teenager, imagine not getting that wasted that it put you off alcohol for life lol, imagine not being with a douche bag and learning what a man/woman really is. Imagine changing all those shitty decisions and being a totally different person. You can’t, because everything that happened in the past is a lesson of some form. It teaches you to better yourself, to be wary of who you surround yourself with and hopefully better the decisions you make in the future.

Do I still fuck up, 100%, am I ashamed of that? No way!

I am still learning and I will forever be learning but anything before right now has made me the amazing person I am today, I mean… I’m pretty fucking cool 😂

Make it your mission to regret absolutely nothing in life. It actually makes gives me peace to acknowledge that I regret nothing.

The more you regret the more stress you put yourself under. Fuck that noise!

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