Men’s mental health 💪🏼

Men are seriously the worst at expressing themselves! Like that’s not even just some shit I made up.

Men don’t explain what they’re feeling, they don’t tell you their thoughts on anything or anyone, your just a by stander trying to figure out what their thinking and feeling most of the time.

They will bottle it up without saying a word to anyone.

It’s a massive stigma though that needs to be removed, that because your male you can’t show your emotions or any weakness. What a fucking load!

Men have the highest rates of depression and suicide and personally I think it’s because they don’t seek that help whether professionally or from friends and family.

It doesn’t even have to be help really, just someone to listen.

It’s hard to watch someone be like this knowing that there is help but you can’t help those that don’t want to be helped.

It can be tiresome but just keep being there for them, letting them know your available for a chat if needed.

Some blokes come around and realise and some don’t. It’s just the way it is.

The main thing to remember though for any male out there is that you can suffer, it’s ok to suffer, and your not alone in suffering. Open up and you’ll be surprised at just how wide spread this shit is.

There are even men’s mental health websites, pages, forums and help lines.

Get amongst it boys 💪🏼

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