No truer words have ever been spoken

Do you ever look back and think shit could be so different or look back and realised how far you’ve come and how much better off you are now days.

I often think “would I be so fucked up if I didn’t have kids so young or if I just only had one kid”

The thing is though, I can’t even picture a life without them. Some may get mistaken that because I can whinge about being a parent sometimes that I don’t appreciate it but I love those little A holes lol they are everything and they are all I’ve ever known in my adult life. I am who I am today because of them. Even if that is abit fucked in the head and a cranky bitch at times lol.

Time and change can be a funny thing. One minute your thinking your life could be so different had you of not done this or had you have done something different, yet life is the way it is because of the choices and the reality, it’s probably a lot better than it used to be anyway.

What it is now is exactly how it’s supposed to be, it’s exactly where you need to be right now in this life. For you, yourself and the lessons you need to be learning.

It will always change, something will always be changing and the trick is to embrace it because Everything Happens For A Reason.

Every new idea or action is the next step to a better you even if that comes from something shit, you’ll be learning a lesson to eventually better, you! 👌🏼

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