Some real talk

Everything just seems so up in the air sometimes and it’s one thing that can make it all seem that little bit better.

I spent the weekend with all of my nephews and my older siblings, hanging out, talking real and having a lot of laughs. I’m not feeling perfect but I feel a bit better than I did, like that temporary escape from some sort of reality.

Nothing will ever be as easy or as simple as we want it to be and when you can look at it in the right frame of mind you’ll realise that, that is actually a good thing.

Nothing in life is meant to be easy, it’s all apart of learning and becoming a better person.

It’s so easy to fall into that dark hole but once you see the light again you really start to realise how much time is wasted on such trivial shit!

Everyone’s issues seem so big and real to them which is normal and fine but sometimes you just need to step outside of that box and realise that there really is more going on, more you can do to help yourself and others around you.

Look I’m not at all saying it’s easy cause while I feel somewhat uplifted now I’m sure it’s not going to stay this way and I’ll fall back a little but no matter what I’ll keep pushing forward, for myself and my family!

Just keep doing you, it can and will get better but it starts with YOU!

I’m sending strength to anyone who needs it 💪🏼❤️

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