Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD is used as such a loose term but unless diagnosed it’s just something else that gets thrown around now days.

OCD is characterised by obsessive thoughts or actions.

It can be anything from the constant thought that you’ve left the oven on and the house may burn down to the action of counting each step you take or the number of times a certain door or drawer is touched.

It’s going from the rational thought that you may have left the house unlocked to the irrational, knowing full well it is locked but driving or walking all the way home just to double check before leaving again.

It’s the obsessive thoughts that lead to compulsive behaviours.

I have OCD but it’s more to do with cleaning and the way things are done. Shit needs to be cleaned properly, to me if it’s not gonna be cleaned properly then don’t bother. Generally when I clean the house it has to be done fully, not bits and pieces here and there or each day. Things are done a certain way, if someone else does something that is different to how I would do so I’ll either take over or re-do it. Clothes are washed in coloured piles (lights, darks & whites), hung out a certain way and generally folded a certain way although that can take 7-10 business days to complete 😂 whites have to be white, if they’re not white they don’t have a place here.

Every thing has its spot and every spot has its thing.

Kids toys are packed away separately as not to mix them up although currently I’m not too bothered and getting better with that one.

Sanitiser should always be handy. Sure I could wash my hands the old fashioned way and I still do but sanitiser is life!

There are many forms of OCD and with the help from psychologists it can actually get better.

Mostly it’s the constant thoughts about certain things or how certain things should be done, it may seem odd from the outside but to that person it is very real.

It’s not always such a bad thing though, embrace it but don’t let it take over.

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