Don’t act like it’s not heavy cause you’ll get squashed 😖

You ever noticed how simple it is to give decent sound advice.

Like mental health, I’m all over that shit, bee n there, done it, do it, study it. Can 100% give solid advice on it but do you think I can follow any of what I preach, absolutely fucking not!

My life would be so much fucking easier if I could just follow my own advice.

I also know it’s easier to listen to someone else talk than it is yourself.

It’s so easy to contradict everything you say to yourself without even realising it. It’s how you get stuck in this bullshit cycle of “yep I got this” and “fuck, ten steps back again”.

The worst thing I do to myself and anyone can do to themselves is give in to it. DONT!

It’s so damn easy to fall down, the hard part is getting back up but that’s what makes you stronger.

And for the love of jebus, open up, talk to someone, anyone. You ain’t getting better trying to talk to yourself 😉 I tried, it makes it worse lol

Shit fucking happens but what you can be sure of is that it happens for a reason. Life lessons, new beginnings and whatever else you want manifested really.


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