I’m a freakin’ whirlwind, but an amazing one.

I’m about as up and down as a pogo stick sometimes, I feel like I should call it a trait though really haha.

I’m happy, yet moody.

Positive, yet negative.

Got my head screwed on, but would lose it if it wasn’t attached.

Blonde, yet crazy smart.

I can be girly af but will challenge a bloke to complete a job “only men do”.

I’m calm, yet aggressive.

Rational but totally irrational.

I’m quietly super judgmental, yet don’t judge a book by its cover.

I’m super friendly but don’t piss me off.

I don’t take shit but I can be walked all over.

I can hold in-depth conversations but I LOVE a good banter.

I can be serious but I’m hilarious 😜

I have secrets but I’m super open.

I’m honest and very up front.

And most of all I don’t have too much of a filter lol.

I’m a fucking roller coaster really, but I’m a shit load of fun 😂

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