How often do we get stuck on ourselves.

How often are you stuck thinking about how bad life is or how bad this shit is that you deal with.

It’s easy to feel like your the only person suffering this way or be so blinded by your own pain that you can’t see that it could be so much worse.

Life throws some fucking turns, I tell ya what but what we can be thankful for is that this is just another stage in our lives, it’s just this can be treated in some way or another.

You have your bad days but you don’t have a bad life and I guess that’s what we need to try and remember, to us it’s so very real and the threat is high, it’s known and it’s understandable but at the end of the day it’s true, there are people worse off and I can guarantee some of them wouldn’t give up as easily as I feel like I do/could some days.

Fucking smile man, life can be an amazing thing!

Keep fighting for that happiness and freedom of some sort from this shitty thing called mental illness.

We got this in the bag 💪🏼

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